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Views on Countries/Regions

International Public Opinion on Countries and Regions

Only One in Three Israelis Think Israel Benefited from Gaza Conflict

Global Poll: Obama Overwhelmingly Preferred to Romney

Most Americans Believe Majorities in Egypt, Libya, Did Not Support Attacks

Views of Europe Slide Sharply in Global Poll, While Views of China Improve

New Book on Muslim Anger at America by PIPA's Steven Kull

Rising Concern about China's Increasing Power: Global Poll

Views of US Continue to Improve in 2011 BBC Country Rating Poll

Global Views of United States Improve While Other Countries Decline

Poll Finds Most Publics Around the World Want Their Governments to Be More Cooperative

As Hu Jin Tao, Obama Prepare to Meet, World Public Gives China, US Low Marks on Climate Change

Iranians Favor Diplomatic Relations With US But Have Little Trust in Obama

Though Obama Viewed Positively, Still Much Criticism of US Foreign Policy: Global Poll

Russian Public Wary of Obama

Obama Rockets to Top of Poll on Global Leaders

Obama Changing the Way Germans See US

Egyptian Public to Greet Obama With Suspicion

People Who Know Foreigners or Travel More Likely to See Themselves as Global Citizens: Global Survey

Views of China and Russia Decline in Global Poll

Most People Think Their Nation's Foreign Policy Is Morally No Better Than Average: Global Poll

Growing Optimism That Obama Will Improve US Relations: Global Poll