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Human Rights


Justice/Human Rights

International Public Opinion on Justice and Human Rights

Only One in Three Israelis Think Israel Benefited from Gaza Conflict

Americans, Britons and the French Support Multilateral Action on Syria But Don't Want to Send Troops

American Public Favors Safe Havens in Syria

Review of Polling Finds International and American Support for World Order Based on International Law, Stronger UN

Polls Find Strong International Consensus on Human Rights

Four in Five Regard Internet Access as a Fundamental Right: Global Poll

Majorities Reject Banning Defamation of Religion: 20 Nation Poll

People in 17 of 21 Nations Say Governments Should Put International Law Ahead of National Interest

Many Approve of ICC Indictment of Bashir: Poll of 7 Muslim and African Nations

Majority of Americans Approve Complete Ban on Torture

World Publics See Government as Responsible For Ensuring Basic Healthcare, Food, and Education Needs

Publics in Developed Countries Ready to Contribute Funds Necessary to Cut Hunger in Half By 2015

Obama, McCain Supporters Agree Government Responsible For Ensuring Basic Healthcare, Food, and Education Needs

World Publics Reject Torture

Poll: Across the World Many See Discrimination Against Widows and Divorced Women

World Publics Reject Criminal Penalties for Abortion

International Public Opinion Says Government Should Not Limit Internet Access

Righting Wrongs

Publics Around the World Say Governments Should Act to Prevent Racial Discrimination

Poll of Western and Asian Publics Finds Criticism of Chinese Policy on Tibet