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The Environment



International Public Opinion on the Environment

Large Majorities in US and Europe Endorse Focus on Renewable Energy

Most Religious Believers Favor International Efforts To Curb Climate Change, Nuclear Risks, Poverty

Publics Around the World Call for Greater Efforts to Address Climate Change

Multi-Country Poll Reveals That Majority of People Want Action on Climate Change, Even if it Entails Costs

As Hu Jin Tao, Obama Prepare to Meet, World Public Gives China, US Low Marks on Climate Change

Publics Want More Government Action on Climate Change: Global Poll

World Publics Strongly Favor Requiring More Wind and Solar Energy, More Efficiency, Even If It Increases Costs

McCain and Obama Supporters Largely Agree on Approaches to Energy, Climate Change

World Publics Say Oil Needs to Be Replaced as Energy Source

International Polls Find Robust Global Support For Increased Efforts to Address Climate Change

Most Would Pay Higher Energy Bills to Address Climate Change Says Global Poll

Developed and Developing Countries Agree: Action Needed on Global Warming

Poll Finds Worldwide Agreement That Climate Change is a Threat

World Publics Willing to Bear Costs of Combating Climate Change

Current Energy Use Seen to Threaten Environment, Economy, Peace

U.S. Public Favors Raising Auto Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) Standards

30-Country Poll Finds Worldwide Consensus that Climate Change is a Serious Problem

Most Indians Say India Should Limit its Greenhouse Gases

Americans on Climate Change 2005

Eight in 10 Americans Support McCain-Lieberman Climate Change Legislation