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United States/Canada

Public Opinion from the United States and Canada

Framing of Syria issue key to public support

Most Americans Believe Majorities in Egypt, Libya, Did Not Support Attacks

Most Americans See Afghan War as Not Reducing Threat of Terrorism

Americans, Britons and the French Support Multilateral Action on Syria But Don't Want to Send Troops

Majorities in Both Red and Blue Districts Favor Deep Cuts in Defense Spending

Polls Show Support for Tougher Sanctions against Iran, But not for Military Force

Majority of Americans Willing to Make Defense Cuts

American Public Favors Safe Havens in Syria

American Public Opposes Israel Striking Iran

Public Consultation Finds Bipartisan Support for Extending Bush-Era Tax Cuts, But Only for Income Under $250k

Review of Polling Finds International and American Support for World Order Based on International Law, Stronger UN

Public Consultation Finds Strong Bipartisan Support for Extending Employees' Payroll Tax Cut

Polls Find Strong International Consensus on Human Rights

Most Religious Believers Favor International Efforts To Curb Climate Change, Nuclear Risks, Poverty

Publics Around the World Call for Greater Efforts to Address Climate Change

Digest of Polls Shows Modest American Support For New Free Trade Agreements in Pacific

Six in Ten Americans Say U.S. Weakened Its Economy by Overspending in Response to 9/11

Meet John Q. Public, deficit-cutter

Does the Majority Want to Tyrannize the Minority?

American Public Sees Democratization of Middle East as Positive for US