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Public Opinion from Europe

Russian Public Wary of Obama

Obama Changing the Way Germans See US

Nine-Country Poll Finds Europeans and Americans Desire Closer Relations

Large Majorities of Americans and Russians Oppose All Space Weapons

American and Russian Publics Strongly Support Steps to Reduce and Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Six in Ten Poles Oppose U.S. Anti-Missile Base

British and Canadians Criticize Leaders for Following U.S. Lead

Americans Believe Israeli Actions Are Justified but Share International Reservations about Extent of Military Offensive

Publics in Europe and India See U.S. as Violating International Law at Guantánamo

Russians Support Putin's Re-Nationalization of Oil, Control of Media, But See Democratic Future

Americans and Russians Agree U.S. is No. 1, But Disagree on the Up and Comers

New Poll Shows French and Germans more Sympathetic toward Israel

Europeans still Positive about EU Enlargement but Anxious about Impact on Jobs

How Russians and Americans View Each Other, Themselves, China and Iran

Russians and Americans Agree Iran is Trying to Develop Nuclear Weapons, But Disagree on Economic Sanctions

Russians Positive on China’s Foreign Policy, Economic Model, Negative on U.S. Policies, Bush

Canadian and Dutch Publics Feeling Stretched by Expanded Military Role in Afghanistan

French Public Stands Behind Protests Against New Labor Law

Publics in Western Countries Disapprove of Muhammad Cartoons

Among Key Iraq Partners, Weak Public Support for Troop Presence