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Public Opinion from Asia and Pacific Regions

Muslims and America: Internalizing the Clash of Civilizations

Islamist Militancy in Pakistan: A View from the Provinces

Pakistani Public Turns Against Taliban, But Still Negative on US

Muslim Publics Oppose Al Qaeda's Terrorism, But Agree With Its Goal of Driving US Forces Out

Indian and Pakistani Publics Show Flexibility on Kashmir

Pakistanis Say Musharraf Resignation Would Improve Stability

A New Lens on Pakistan

Pakistanis Want Larger Role for Both Islam and Democracy

Less than Half of Pakistani Public Supports Attacking Al Qaeda, Cracking Down on Fundamentalists

Poll Finds Mixed Views About Bhutto's Return

Afghan Approval of the Karzai Government and Western Forces,Though Still Strong, Is Declining

Afghan Feelings of Security Vary Widely

Chicago Council Releases Major Study of Opinion on the Rise of China and India

Australians Support Prime Minister but Want Him to Bring Troops Home from Iraq

Chinese Become Sharply Negative About U.S., Americans Mildly Negative About China

Public Opinion in India and America

Most Indians Believe Iran is Trying to Develop Nuclear Weapons

Most Indians Say India Should Limit its Greenhouse Gases

WPO Poll: Afghan Public Overwhelmingly Rejects al-Qaeda, Taliban

Afghans Favor Expanding Peacekeeping Operation